The “Important People” Series

Creator:  Charles P. Schleiner

Country:  USA

Date:  1966 / 1967

In 1966/67 the then head of Herman Miller commissioned artist Charles P. Schleiner to create a set of portraits for the company. The strictly limited edition of 50 consisted of 7 "important people" - called that because not all of the images were of designers - The portraits were of Charles Eames, Ray Eames, George Nelson, Robert Probst, Alexander Girard, Gilbert Rhode, and DJ Dupree. These prints were hung in the head offices, given to each of the depicted persons, and hung in the Herman Miller headquarters. These prints were never sold or produced commercially. As a result these prints are incredibly rare to market.

frames are 21in x 25in the images are 16in x 21in

excellent condition with vibrant colors

Number of items:  1 set of 4 prints

Price:  $7,500